Woodbridge School District accused of serving students rotten food in school cafeteria

Dozens of parents say that the food that the Woodbridge School District is feeding the students isn’t fit for human consumption.

News 12 Staff

Sep 17, 2021, 2:16 AM

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Dozens of parents say that the food that the Woodbridge School District is feeding the students isn’t fit for human consumption.
There have been reports of moldy hamburgers, frozen sandwiches and expired milk. The food is provided by Chartwells12K.
“How could you do this to these kids? My 15-year-old can come and tell me, ‘Mom, this is wrong.’ What about a 5-year-old? Six-year-old?” says Alina Eleuterio.
Eleuterio’s son Alex is a junior at Woodbridge High School. She says that he had to be picked up from school this week after becoming sick when he ate a hamburger at lunch. He did not realize that it was bad until it was too late.
“I went back to my class after lunch and I started feeling really sick,” Alex Eleuterio says. “I went down to the nurse where I did start having the runs… When I got home, I started throwing up. My stomach was really fighting with me. It was a really bad experience.”
Rancid or undercooked meat isn’t only an issued at the high school, but in the lower grades as well.
Kristi Salzano has two sons in Woodbridge schools - one who attends Woodbridge Middle School and another at Ross Street School. Salzano says both her sons have had bad experiences with what's been on the lunch menu.
“The first day of school, he came home and said, ‘Mom, I couldn’t even eat the sandwich because it was literally frozen solid.’ It was a turkey and cheese sandwich and it was frozen,” Salzano says.
This is not the first time Chartwells12K has allegedly had issues with its food. In 2014, students at a Connecticut high school boycotted school lunches provided by Chartwells12K for similar issues.
“It’s just not fair. I mean, there are some children, they rely on this meal. Their moms and dads maybe can’t afford to send them with lunch,” Salzano says.
A spokesperson for Chartwells12K tells News 12 New Jersey in part, "...We recognize there have been a few instances where we didn't meet the expectations of all of our students and families and have carefully investigated each situation. There's nothing we take more seriously than the health and safety of our students."
The students and parents just say that they hope it won’t happen again.
“That the food is better prepared and actually taken care of…because what they're giving out right now is criminal,” says Alex Eleuterio.
The parents and students have also started a petition that has 1,100 signatures.
The Woodbridge Board of Education did not have a comment about the issue. Parents plan to attend a school board meeting next Thursday.

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