Woodbridge man donates money to Girl Scout troop that had cookie funds stolen

Help is on the way for a New Jersey Girl Scout troop that its cookie funds stolen.
Mick Kless, of Woodbridge, says that when he heard that the troop had its money stolen while selling Girl Scout cookies at the Woodbridge Center Mall, he had to help out.
“Does anything get any lower than stealing from kids?” he asks.
The troop says that nearly $1,200 was stolen Friday while they were selling cookies at the Boscov’s at the mall. Someone apparently snatched the envelope containing cash and checks when it was left unattended.
“They're there to learn good things and leadership and opportunities and somebody is stealing from them,” says Kless.
The troop was planning to use the money to travel to Savannah, Georgia, the birthplace of the Girl Scouts of America. Kless says that he felt bad about the theft and donated $1,200 to the group to use for the trip.
Kless says that it was the least that he could do. He says that he has a connection to the Girl Scouts.
“My sister was a Brownie and a Girl Scout back in the day when we were little kids,” he says. “My mom had the Girl Scouts over at the house, so I always remember that."
Other people have also offered donations to the troop and have bought extra cookies.