Woman’s plan to buy sick sister a house nearly thwarted by cats

A woman’s plan to buy her sick sister a house proved to be a bit difficult thanks to some unwanted guests.
Teri Chew says that when cancer surgeries left her sister Carolyn Chew unable to work, she set out to create a new home for her family members.
“My son was 7 years old and I could no longer drive and I was now looking down the tunnel of a terminal disease,” says Carolyn.
Carolyn was dealing with a 13-year battle with cancer and had two brain surgeries. She is on disability.
Teri says that she came up with a plan. She would buy a run-down home in Moorestown, renovate it, sell it and then use the money to buy another “fix-up” home for Carolyn and Carolyn’s son Aiden.
But when Teri found the second home, there was a problem – cats.
“There were over 30 cats. The ammonia smell hit you in the face before you even hit the door,” says Teri.
The feral cats were peering out of every corner of the house from the attic to the basement, according to Teri.
“They weren’t sweet, little [cats,]” Teri says. “They were [mean]. And we had a two-month flea infestation.”
Teri says that renovating the century-old house wasn’t easy, but she had love as her motivator. Carolyn and Aiden moved into the home in January and say that they love it.
“I was completely blown away. This was well beyond my expectations,” Carolyn says.
Carolyn has no evidence of cancer now, but still gets MRIs every other month to be sure.
“You really don't know when this is going to take you. My neurosurgeon said to me - because I lived in this uncertainty my attitude was, ‘I can't really do anything permanent,’ you know? And he said, ‘Go buy a home. Live your life, live your life,’” says Carolyn.
And thanks to her sister’s hard work, Carolyn says that she is going to do just that.