Woman's pandemic side hustle is Bridgeport's newest Italian-style bakery

A Bridgeport woman has turned a pandemic side project into a new brick and mortar bakery.
In the three years since Chinnie Lala came to Bridgeport from Nigeria, she has become the local go-to for Italian-style bomboloni.
"'Are you Italian?' And I'm like no. 'Are you French?' And I'm like no. 'So, where's bombolonis coming from?' I was like, 'I don't know, food is universal as long as it tastes good,'" said Lala.
You can place an order online at Magical Fantasia Bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth.
With a menu of 50 flavors and fillings set to expand to 367 before the end of the year.
Lala says the luxury bomboloni bakery started as a home project to supplement her income during the pandemic and only grew from there.
She says when she posted her first attempt at doughnuts on social media orders started pouring in.
The new baker now works through the nights and is looking to hire more staff to keep up with the volume of interest in sweet fried joy.
Magical Fantasia Bomboloni is limited to ahead-of-time orders until the storefront opens next month to cater to hungry window-shoppers.
Magical Fantasia Bomboloni will be located on Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport.