Winter storm drops 14 inches of snow on parts of southern New Jersey

Residents in southern New Jersey spent most of Tuesday cleaning up snow after a storm dropped more than a foot of snow in parts of the state.
Roads that had been cleared and then re-covered with snow in Atlantic County turned to ice overnight. Snowblowers were out in full force.
“With the machine, it makes it a little bit easier. The stuff on the ground is harder because it’s been wet from underneath. But outside of that, with the sun out now it makes it a lot easier,” says Elliot Adkisson, of Mays Landing.
Ocean City got 14 inches of snow. And while some spent the day shoveling and clearing out their cars, others took advantage of the ocean waves that the storm left behind.
"When the waves are good around here, you have to take advantage of it. But with the snow, this kind of adds to it. It's kind of fun and kind of a novelty because the storm going offshore, it's creating some really good waves,” says Paul Miranda, of Brigantine.
The Ocean City boardwalk was also busy as people came out to see the snow-covered beach.
The amount of snow that fell on Monday is not a typical sight for many South Jersey communities.
“This is the first major snow I’ve had since I moved back down to South Jersey in 2018,” Adkisson says.
News 12 meteorologists are tracking another potential snowstorm that could arrive on Friday.