Winner, winner! New Jersey ranks 1st in nation for education, according to list

New Jersey has ranked first in the United States for education and pre-school enrollment, according to Education Week, an independent news organization.  
The Garden State received a B+, and a score of 87.3.
Gov. Phil Murphy took to Twitter, with his thoughts, saying, “With our historic investments in education, we're ensuring lifelong success for our students."
The investments, thanks to New Jersey residents, devotes 5.1% of taxes to education -- the third-highest share in the nation.
States were ranked on performance in higher education, along with primary and secondary schooling, as well as pre-K. In New Jersey, 47% of people have an associate’s degree or higher. Massachusetts, Florida, Washington and Colorado rounded out the top five. New Mexico finished last. The country as a whole graded with a C in the Education Week report.  
The Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey says the Education Week data is flawed because it’s based too much on spending, adding Florida gets better educational results at less than half the price.