What's Cooking: Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace's charcuterie board

Chef Vinny Olivieri, of Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace, shows News 12's Lily Stolzberg how to put together a charcuterie board.
A charcuterie Board is an adult's way to play with their food. Its like finger-painting with cheese! Arrange how you like. Have fun with it. Use our photo and video as a guide, but build it as an expression of your love for all things culinary.
Here are some important tips from our famous Cheese Monger:
• When creating the board, you want to have a variance in textures and flavors. Textures should start with soft and creamy, subtle, to very hard.
• Flavors should range from mild and buttery to pronounced and crystalized.
• Try to use 3 different types of milk if possible (goat, sheep and cow).
• Accoutrements should always compliment the cheeses. Sweet with salty. Honeys and dried fruits go well with cheese.
• Parmigiano Reggiano/Italy (Chunked)
• Aged Manchego/Spain (Sliced Triangles)
• Aged Cheddar/USA (Sliced Rectangles)
• Brillat Savarin (Triple Crème)/France (Leave whole, top rind removed)
• Monte Embro (Ashed Goat Cheese)/Spain (Sliced ovals, cut in half)
• Culatello Prosciutto
• Mortadella
• Wild Boar Salami
• Capicolla
• Honey & Honey Comb
• Cheese Crackers
• Breadsticks
• Dried Strawberries
• Turkish Apricots
• Marcona Almonds
• Grapes (Black and Green)
• Fresh or Dried Figs
• Fresh Thyme for Garnish
• Serving Platter or Cutting Board
• Serving Utensils (cheese knives, small tongs, forks, toothpicks)
• Small Bowls or Ramekins
1. Meats are one of largest components on the board. Start there. Take a bread stick and spread some semi soft cheese on it. Warp prosciutto around the cheese rubbed breadstick.
2. Next, start filling the board with cheeses.
3. Add accoutrements (fruits, dries fruits and honey, jams or jellies)
4. Finish with crispy elements. Crackers, breadsticks, things with a crunch!