What's Cooking: Surf and Turf

Joseph Roselli from Harbor Club at Prime in Huntington shows  Lily Stolzberg how to make surf and turf.
1, 8 oz filet Mignon
1 oz vegetable oil
.5 oz softened butter
Salt and Pepper
1, 1 lb chick lobster par steamed and deshelled (use knuckles and legs for sushi)
½ cup blanched spinach
1 oz garlic/ shallot mixture
4 oz cleaned par cooked fingerling potatoes
Butter poaching liquid
2-3 Tbsp water
1 cup cold butter diced
Cut chives
- Season steak on all sides, place in broiler and cook until medium temperature.
- While steak is cooking, sauté half the garlic and shallot mixture and add spinach season and set aside.
- Toss remaining garlic and shallots with fingerling potatoes season and place in oven cut side down.
- Bring poaching liquid to a slow boil, add lobster and heat slowly.
- Place hot spinach in bowl top with lobster and some poaching liquid garnish with salt and chives.
- Place cooked potatoes on a plate and place steak on top of potatoes. Place bowl of poached lobster next to the steak.