What to do if you see spotted lanternfly egg masses

The content below has been provided by New Jersey State Department of Agriculture and has no editorial input from News 12 New Jersey.
Spotted lanternflies aren’t the only things you need to look out for when trying to stomp it out. Their egg masses can be seen around the Garden State.
But what should you do if you see these gray putty-like substances? You need to scrape these egg masses to “help reduce the populations of spotted lanternfly for next spring and next summer,” says New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher.
The egg masses can be found on trees or any flat surface where the spotted lanternfly has been. According to Fisher, “you can use a credit card or sharp object to scrape and press hard on the eggs so you hear them popping, which means you’re destroying the eggs.”
To learn more about how to scrape egg masses or more about the spotted lanternfly, visit www.badbug.nj.gov.