‘What in the holy name of America is this?’ –Woman shares experience driving in New Jersey

A woman from Charlotte, North Carolina with a sizable following for sharing good news has her first experience driving in New Jersey -- and her video about her experience is going viral.
Kristen Hampton rose to prominence sharing happy stories for a news station in North Carolina.
Hampton was on the New Jersey Turnpike Saturday -- and learned a lesson about driving in the Garden State.

"I was driving on the Turnpike and I was going a good 70, 75 to which I realized was not quite a fast enough speed,” says Kristen Hampton. “Everybody else was going 115 mph and then I went to get off an exit because I had to go to the restroom and I was like, “What in the holy name of America is this?"
Hampton was shocked by just how fast the drivers were going.
She was also surprised by seeing a gas station attendant and the rest area's setup.