What a sight! Wayward peacock roams around Ocean County neighborhood

A peacock has made an Ocean County neighborhood its home for the last two weeks.

News 12 Staff

Jun 21, 2021, 9:33 PM

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A peacock has made an Ocean County neighborhood its home for the last two weeks.
People who live in Lanoka Harbor say that the feathered friend is not afraid to strut around on local lawns or bask in the sun on top of neighborhood roofs.
“It was on our roof. It walked from one end to another,” says resident Jane Sudora.
Neighbors have been taking lots of pictures of the bird as it strolls around the neighborhood.
“I had my grandson and I heard the bird and I was telling him it was a pheasant. And we looked over the fence and he was beautiful. He had a long tail and was just sitting in the grass,” says Lisa Maniaci.
But some neighbors are worried about the peacock’s safety.
“It shouldn’t be roaming the neighborhood where animals of prey where we live could just easily attack it,” says Jennifer Murphy.
It is unclear where the bird came from. Some speculate that it came from the Popcorn Park Zoo. But that zoo is 11 miles away, and zoo director John Bergman says that it is not his bird.
“The ones that are here, this is their home and there’s no reason for them to pack their bags and leave,” he says.
News 12 New Jersey asked Bergman if he would be interested in taking in this wayward peacock.
“I don’t really need another one. I’ve got about 75 here,” he says.
Peacocks can fly. They are not aggressive and eat bugs and grass. Bergman says that peacocks can be purchased just like chicken or ducks at an animal auction. But he says that if the owners don’t keep them penned for a month or two when they first get the peacock, it will venture out.
Bergman says he knows of another peacock roaming around in Berkley Township. He also says there are farms in the area that have peacocks.

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