Whale capsizes fishing boat off Deal coast

State Police say a whale caused a 20-foot boat to capsize in waters off of Deal.
The capsizing happened Thursday about a mile off of Deal.
According to officials, it appears the 40-foot-long whale breached beneath the boat, causing it to capsize and knock two occupants overboard.
Whales off the Jersey Shore are an increasingly common occurrence, but lifelong friends Bill Sobeck and Jay didn't expect what they encountered during their morning fluke fishing excursion.
"It was breaching, coming up with its mouth open, the bunker spilling out of his mouth," said Sobeck. "Just like you see on television."
The two men treaded water for 25 minutes by clinging onto the upended boat and an ice chest until help finally arrived.
Gary Szabo helped rescue the capsized fishermen. He says his boat was perfectly equipped because a ladder in the back allowed the two fishermen to climb aboard.
In a social media post, state police jokingly stated that "charges against the whale are pending its apprehension."
Sobeck and Jay suffered only minor injuries.