Westinghouse building demolition causes damage

Demolition of the old Westinghouse building Thursday morning led to four cars being damaged.
There were no passengers inside the parked cars on Orange Street during the collapse. However, a pedestrian who was walking by the scene suffered a minor wound to his hand, and a passing car was also damaged. The driver of that car was shaken up, but not injured.
Chief Rich Zieser, of the Newark Fire Department, says the weather may have contributed to the partial collapse of the building?s façade.
?It was windy this morning,? said Zieser. "Plus, the vibration from the work ? could be a bunch of different things that caused it. A combination of things.?
At the time of the collapse, the area was not blocked off to the public because crews were working on another part of the building. Demolition crews expect to have that part of the building completely down very soon.