Westfield community buries 2020 mementos as town marks 300th anniversary

Westfield residents buried mementos from 2020 as the town celebrated its 300th anniversary.
A time capsule ceremony took place in Triangle Park.
A big theme of what is in the time capsule is how Westfield handled the coronavirus and came together as a community. Drawing and artifacts related to the town's history were also buried.
Town historian Robert Wendel says Westfield has a lot to be proud of.
"We want to recognize our history," Wendel says. "We want to celebrate our history. This is one of the first towns in the country."
The plan is to reopen the time capsule 100 years from now.
The long-standing tradition of AddamsFest, a monthlong celebration paying homage to Addams Family creator and Westfield native Charles Addams, also continues in Westfield this year.
The town kept up its Halloween tradition by decorating storefronts and homes in honor of the Addams Family.