Weehawken HS prom rescheduled after yacht collision

Weehawken High School students will get a second prom after the first one was interrupted by a boat collision.
The students were on board the Cornucopia Destiny when it slammed into another yacht Thursday evening at Pier 14 in Hoboken. The other yacht then crashed into the pier, causing some damage. That yacht was empty at the time.
There were 95 students on board the Cornucopia Destiny at the time of the collision. No one was hurt, but the prom ended early.
Cornucopia Destiny owner Mustafa Kilic says that most of the students didn’t even realize there was a collision when it happened.
“The school kids, they [didn’t] even know they hit anything,” he told News 12 New Jersey.
The Coast Guard is looking into the cause of the crash. Kilic says that the Coast Guard is checking on the boat’s steering lock.
The Weehawken School District says rescheduled prom will be held June 10 aboard The Spirit of New Jersey boat.