Weather whiplash could spell trouble for gardners

While most people were out enjoying Saturday's warm weather, the extreme changes could cause trouble for backyard plants.
Experts say some plants and vegetables take a beating during extreme temperatures changes, so gardeners need to plan ahead and get to know their plants.
Mike Rutkowski, of Ferris Farms Garden Center, offers some advice ahead of the expected cool snap.
"If you bought something that likes hot weather -- tomatoes -- and you planted it, make sure you cover it with something. Piece of fabric, some people use empty milk bottles... You can leave that on at night, just take that off during the day and just  hope for the best," Rutkowski says.
He says in mid-April, the only things you should be planting are the items that can take cold weather like pansies, lettuce and kale.
Mike Rutkowski says Jersey gardeners shouldn't plant tomatoes and peppers until early May when the night temperatures are in the 50s.
"You've just got to know your plants," he advises.