STORM WATCH: Rain, gusty winds move in for Saturday; thunderstorms possible

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Dave Curren is tracking wet weather for Saturday with the chance for pockets of thunderstorms across New Jersey.
Saturday is expected to see rain early in the day, with some thunderstorms developing by the afternoon. Daytime highs are expected to be in the low- to mid-60s. The rain is expected to continue into the evening hours, with partly cloudy skies by the overnight. Overnight lows will be around 55 degrees.
Sunday is the first day of spring. Temperatures are expected to be mild in the low-60s. Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy. Sunday night will see some clouds with overnight lows around 47 degrees.
Temperatures for the upcoming week will be in the 50s and 60s, with some rain potentially arriving on Wednesday.