‘We react to our community’: Trenton theatre known for taking on tough social issues asks for public donations

A theatre in Trenton known for taking on tough social issues in the plays it produces is asking for public donations to keep doing its work.
The historic former church is home to Mill Hill Playhouse, where Passage Theatre Company produces plays that are often the conscience of the Trenton community, and just when the voices of Passage Theatre Company may be needed most, with its plays exploring race, justice and other social issues, the stage is silent.

"We react to our community,” says Ryanne Domingues, the artistic director.

Domingues says while it’s closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, virtual programming addressing the issues will continue.

“We're still doing the work,” says Domingues. “Even though we're not doing it live, we're not able to do it on our stage. We're still trying to do the work."

Passage Theatre Company is a nonprofit, staging several plays and special events per year, holding an intimate audience of 100 people. It has canceled its live programming through February of next year due to the pandemic.

The small theatre anticipates added safety costs in the future, and is trying to raise $15,000 this month to help cover that and other expenses.