Wayne's part-time mayor seeks full-time position, including over $100K raise

Wayne Township’s part-time mayor is now in line to possibly get a full-time position with a very large salary increase. The six-figure salary could prove to be a controversial change for the township.
Mayor Christopher Vergano has served in the position on a part-time basis for 15 years. He currently makes $18,750 a year for the role.
Vergano is now requesting a full-time position with a $140,000 per year salary, along with health benefits. He says that his role is much more different than when he first entered office in 2008.
“We have an $87 million corporation and a part-time CEO. The town deserves better than that,” Vergano said at a recent council meeting.
Six of the town’s council members are in agreement with Vergano’s request. They say that it is much needed and deserved.
“I say the township has gotten an absolute bargain over the last 15 years – an absolute steal for his services,” says Council member David Varano.
But there are three council members who are opposed to the ordinance. They say that Vergano knew the terms of the deal when he stood for reelection in 2021.
“He knew the position was part time. With three years to go [in his current term], he wants to change the terms of his deal,” says Council member Francine Ritter.
Members of a finance subcommittee of the Wayne Town Council will meet in the upcoming days to discuss the ordinance.
A final vote by the council is slated for Jan. 18.
News 12 reached out to Vergano for comment but did not hear back.