Wayne Township councilwoman claims mayor is trying to end free EMS service

There's been some controversy between officials in Wayne Township regarding volunteer ambulance services.
Councilwoman Fran Ritter confronted Mayor Chris Vergano during a City Council meeting on Wednesday.
She claimed he and Township Administrator Wayne Cavallo had been making plans to end the free EMS service without telling the public.
Ritter told News 12 New Jersey, “There seems to be a pattern with this mayor, keeping things secret, not promoting transparency in government. It’s a great concern to our residents and this is something I will not tolerate as a councilperson.”
In a statement, Vergano wrote in part, "Due to a shortage of members, the Wayne Memorial First Aid Squad has only been able to answer approximately 60% of the calls for help and we have had to rely on private ambulance companies who have handled approximately 40% of the calls."
Ritter is the only Democrat on the Wayne Township Council. She and Vergano are up for reelection this November.