Wawa confirms data breach at all 850 locations, potentially impacting thousands

Wawa has confirmed that hackers may have access to debit and credit card information from thousands of its customers.
The convenience store says a data breach affected all of its 850 locations and potentially affects credit and debit cards used inside stores and at gas pumps.
"Every time you turn on the news you're hearing somebody being breached….," says Doug Kizer, of Toms River. "Medical, personal information, just major department stores--it's like insane."
Wawa discovered malware on its payment processing servers this week. Credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and cardholder names were affected by the malware, but not debit card PIN numbers, credit card CVV2 numbers or driver's license information.
Some consumers are now thinking about using cash instead of cards.
"There's a lot less hassles, a lot less problems with it," said one person. "I don't have to keep an eye on everything as much as I usually do--you know it just makes things so much easier."
The Wawa company is offering free credit card monitoring to anyone who has been affected. They are offering more information on their website.