Water main break prompts boil water advisory for thousands

A water main break in Middlesex County has prompted a boil water advisory for thousands of customers.
The break happened along Longfellow Street in Carteret Friday morning. Middlesex Water Company crews were still making repairs as of Friday night. The boil water advisory affects 25,000 customers.
Middlesex Water Company officials say that advisory applies to all residents in Carteret and in Port Reading section of town that is east of the New Jersey Turnpike.
Residents are advised to boil water before consuming and to keep bottles of boiled water in the refrigerator. Uncooked food or ice made with tap water that was not boiled should be thrown away.
Officials say that the advisory may be in place for 48 hours.
The water main break happened around 3 a.m., causing flooding in the street. Carteret police began knocking on doors so that people would be able to move their cars.
“The water level was literally halfway up to my tires and it was getting higher so I had to move my car,” Carteret resident Aissa Oliva said.
The Oliva family says that they lost water for about four hours Friday. Luckily the family had gallons of bottle water already so they have been able to cook with that.
Other families say that they lost water for a time, but now they only have low water pressure.
Water officials say that residents should also brush their teeth with boiled or bottle water and should avoid swallowing any water while bathing.
More information about the advisory can be found at the Middlesex Water Company website.