WATCH: State troopers rescue teen stuck in frigid marsh in Salem County

Three New Jersey state troopers are being hailed as heroes for rescuing a 14-year-old boy who was stuck in waist-deep, frigid water in a marsh in Salem County.
A state police spokesperson says that Sgt. Carl Scowcoft and Troopers Mathew Hess and Thomas Rheault were responding to a report that the teen had run away from his home and got stuck in a marsh near Sawmill Road in Alloway Township last Sunday night. The troopers found the boy stuck in the marshy land. He was breathing slowly and was unresponsive, according to a press release.
Police say that Scowcoft made his way through the mud while the other two troopers kept flashlights on them. Scowcoft was able to pull the boy out of the marsh and carry him to the shoreline. The boy was exhibiting signs of hypothermia, according to officials.
The boy was eventually taken to Salem Memorial Hospital for treatment and is expected to be OK.
State troopers rescue 14-year-old boy. Courtesy: NJ State Police