Watch party held at Flemington brewery for local Olympian speed skater

Flemington's own Olympic speed skater Kimi Goetz competed in the women's 500-meter race today, and it was quite the celebration in her hometown.
Members of the close-knit community were filled with pride at Lone Eagle Brewing as they watched Goetz and the rest of Team USA skate.
The time difference between Flemington and Beijing made no difference to the people who came to the brewery around 8 a.m. to cheer on the hometown girl.
Cheers erupted any time her name was mentioned or she was on the screen. The crowd watched with anticipation as she competed in the 500-meter race, and people who knew her as a kid couldn't be prouder as she chases her Olympic dreams.
"The community, our friends and family have been behind Kimberly ever since she started skating and it is just, there are no words to describe how we feel with the support that we get here from the town and everybody,” said Roger Goetz, her father.
Goetz will skate again on Thursday in the 1,000-meter race. Family and friends say they will gather yet again to continue to support their hometown hero.