Matawan-Aberdeen voters reject $2.8M referendum, including extra security in local schools

Voters in Matawan-Aberdeen have rejected a $2.8 million referendum, part of which would have allowed the district to hire retired police officers to provide extra security in local schools.
Out of the 5,805 votes, 68% of voters voted no and 32% voted yes. About two-thirds of voters did not want the budget to be approved. That includes retired law enforcement who are allowed to carry guns in schools.
The $2.8 million would have paid for seven class III police officers from Matawan and Aberdeen, two school resource officers and technology, safety equipment and security vehicles. It also would have increased taxes in Aberdeen by $250 a year and in Matawan by $280 a year.
Because of the no vote, there will be no tax increase. A similar referendum failed to get the votes in this district back in 2018.