Vigil in White Plains marks 10 years after police shooting of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.

A vigil was held Friday in White Plains to commemorate the 10 years since the tragic shooting and death of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.
Chamberlain was shot and killed by White Plains police back in 2011 after accidentally activating his medical alert device and refusing to open his door to first responders.
"The government, its agents and officials were not held accountable in this killing and we're going to keep pushing until that happens, so we stopped saying justice and we now say accountability for Kenneth Chamberlain Senior," says Kenneth Chamberlain Jr.
Dozens turned out to remember Chamberlain, calling for police reform.
"This could have happened to anyone, and unfortunately it happened to Kenneth Chamberlain Senior, and it should never happen again not in this country or anywhere else," says L'Tanya Watkins, of White Plains. "No one should ever die as a result of a mistake."
The vigil has hosted by the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform.