Video shows councilman using sexual expletives at female candidate

A Wayne Township councilman is under fire after shouting sexual expletives at a female Republican state committee candidate.
Richard Jastrzebski was caught on video hurling obscenities at a candidate for his position, Susan Enderly.
In a police report filed by Enderly's daughter, witnesses say they feared for Enderly's safety after Jastrzebski accused her of taking down mayoral campaign signs for Lonni Miller Ryan, whom he endorses.
Jastrzebski says the report fails to mention that Enderly first used expletives toward him.
"I'm not proud of what I said, but once people disrespect me and cross the line, the gloves come off," Jastrzebski said during a phone interview with News 12.
Wayne Mayor Christopher Vergano called the councilman's comments "absolutely disgusting" and called for his resignation immediately.
According to the police report, the case is closed pending further review.
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