VIDEO: Lyft driver records arrest of passenger accused in drug deal

A Lyft driver in Orange pulled out his camera to record as police arrested his passenger after seeing him take part in a drug deal.
Police were trying to bust a drug operation when they saw a man give another man money. The first man then got into a Lyft and the driver left. That's when police went to pull over the driver, who was surprised when cops went to arrest the passenger.
According to police, the Bazoo Aibangbee’s passenger, Malik Tory, had cocaine on him, and dropped a gun on the ground when he got out of the car.            
But as the driver kept rolling, the officers' work was not yet done, as the suspect took off and tried to get away.
Officers later caught off up with Tory, who was arrested. Mayor Dwayne Warren gave a big thumbs up to the officers and the Lyft driver.