Victims of Greece wildfires get help from NJ Greek-Americans

Many Greek-Americans in New Jersey are doing their part to help the victims of the burning wildfires in Greece, as the death toll climbs.
“All the communication that’s coming through to us is breaking our hearts,” says Anastasia Michels, who serves on the philanthropic board of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey.
Michels says, “We know we have to do something. But it's very difficult to understand what can be done because the fires have destroyed warehouses, homes."
Michels says that she believes that financial donations for rebuilding may be the best way to help those affected by the fires.
The wildfires have scorched more than 1,000 homes in Greece. Many Greek citizens fleeing the fires were trapped in their vehicles. More than 80 have been confirmed dead. Investigators say that they believe that the fire may have been intentionally set.
“We’ve seen things that constantly make us cry and wonder, ‘Why did this happen?’ and ‘How did this happen?’ and ‘How are these people going to survive?” Michels asks.
New Jersey is home to the nation’s sixth-largest population of Greek-Americans.