‘Upsetting for us.’ Monroe Township Jewish Center vandalized with ‘repulsive’ graffiti

Rabbi Shmuel Polin says he and the congregation must remain vigilant of acts of bias and hate as the "climate of anti-Semitism are extremely high right now."

Eliecer Marte

Nov 10, 2023, 10:51 AM

Updated 247 days ago


A synagogue in Monroe Township was vandalized with offensive language spray-painted on the building.
As authorities look into who’s behind it, Rabbi Shmuel Polin, of Congregation Etz Chaim, has a message for the community.
“Irregardless of what their intentions are and what the effect is in our community, it’s terrorizing for our community. This comes in the wake of what was the most devastating attack in Jewish people since the Holocaust, which was on Oct. 7. We are living in fear as a result of those incidents,” Polin says.
The vandalism happened overnight Wednesday into Thursday. The congregation described the vandalism as “repulsive messages.”
“The graffiti on the exterior of the building included vulgar messages, and then there was also a message that had something to do with Jesus, which has Christian overtones, which was upsetting for us,” Polin added.
Mayor Stephen Dalina wrote on Facebook "We must proclaim that vandalism, of any sort, is completely unacceptable in our community and will not be tolerated.”
Polin told News 12 they will remain vigilant as the climate of antisemitism and xenophobia is very intense at the moment. They will also receive support from local authorities.
Anyone with information that can help identify who’s behind this incident, can contact Det. Jake O'Brien at 732-521-0222.

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