Union County pays tribute to local residents lost on 9/11

A remembrance ceremony was held at Echo Lake Park's 9/11 memorial.

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Sep 11, 2021, 9:46 PM

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Union County paid tribute to the 60 residents who died on 9/11.
A remembrance ceremony was held at Echo Lake Park's 9/11 memorial.
Alexander Mirabella, chairman of the Union County Board of County Commissioners, says “We lost 60 people from all walks of life all parts of Union County.”
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Resident James Pan’s older brother managed to make it out of the towers. He says he feels lucky to still have his brother around, but he still wants to honor those who did not make it.
"When the plane hit the second tower, he was actually in floors above it,” he says. "Being appreciative of my bro and being empathetic and sympathetic of those who lost someone."
Kurt and Diana Horning lost their son, Matthew, when he was 26 years old.
"I think this year it was harder for me, there was so much more leading up to it," Kurt Horning says. "That day he got in early, his girlfriend had a doctor appointment— he wanted to be able to get off and take her.”
At the ceremony, victims were remembered, and survivors and first responders were honored. Families say they never want to forget the honorable actions by those who helped after the attacks.
“I want them to remember Sept. 12 and the generosity of spirit, the caring, the camaraderie, the tenderness that came on that day,” Diana Horning says.
Pan adds, “We were unified as a country and it was person helping person, and that was bottom line.”

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