'Ukraine will be forever.' Ukrainian-American family in Jersey City stands by relatives in war-torn Ukraine

Ukrainians living in New Jersey are watching the war unfold from what feels like a world away, as many try to stay in touch with family still living in Ukraine despite the complicated circumstances on the ground.
Oleysa Solouk was born in Lviv in the western part of Ukraine and still has aunts, uncles and cousins in the country. They are helping refugees and fighting in the military.
"We will not lose it now,” says Oleysa. “We will fight until the very end because Ukrainian people are strong and we are brave and our spirit is indestructible. There's nothing that we won't do to defend the land."
Her cousins, both in their 20's, thrust from peace last week to fighting on the front lines in Kviv this week. Her mother, Tetyana Solouk, says their loved ones quickly signed up to serve.
"There is no other way than victory,” says Tetyana. “They have no choice. Ukraine was, Ukraine will be forever."
Family who are not on the battlefield are helping refugees in western Ukraine find food and a safe place to stay.
"I hope Ukrainians feel the strength from America and everyone else, but I also hope the world stands with Ukraine because they are so brave,” says Oleysa.
The Ukrainian Community Center in Jersey City is collecting money, clothes, medical supplies and canned food to send to Ukraine.