Twin brothers return to NJ after Florence spurs college evacuation

Twin brothers from Morris County who were away at college in Virginia returned home after being evacuated ahead of Florence.
Luke and Dean Drugac are juniors at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  Their school was in the mandatory evacuation zone and everyone was told they had to leave by Tuesday.
"We're just hoping for the best right now.  We hope everything is OK,” Luke says.
The twins say that the school is close to the Elizabeth River near the bay, so the area floods now and then. They say that they have dealt with the floods before, but were concerned by what was happening with the storm.
"Instantly my blood is pumping, I don't know what to do,” says Dean. "We're trying to put our freezers on top of all of the tables."
The brothers say that they grabbed their valuables and hitched a ride with a friend to get out of town.
"You get on Chesapeake Bridge and there's just traffic all together because I think everybody was trying to head out,” says Luke.
They say that after a seven-hour drive, they were reunited with their family in Rockaway Township.
"I couldn't believe I was going home.  Like at this day and time I would have never expected to be home.  Especially only two weeks after school,” says Dean.
The brothers say that they are hoping to drive back by Sunday night.
Florence was downgraded to a tropical storm by Friday evening. The storm reportedly killed several people Friday in the Carolinas.