Turn to Tara: FDA findings on decongestants create confusion

Following the FDA's findings that over-the-counter decongestants are essentially useless when taken orally, confusion arises about alternative options.
Dr. LouAnne Giangreco, chief medical officer for American Family Care, suggests nasal decongestants like pseudoephedrine as an alternative. “So, pseudoephedrine is a different medication than phenylephrine and one of the challenges of cold meds are its hard to tell by title what’s within that med so it’s important you turn that box over and look,” says Dr. Giangreco.
She also recommends natural treatments such as humidifiers, hot showers, neti pots (used properly), saline nasal sprays, and even herbs and spices like ginger or garlic.
While the FDA hasn’t said when or if they plan to revoke the medication's safety status or force drug makers to make new formulations, Dr. Giangreco says investing in any of these safer alternatives now, will help you have an easier go of it the next time you get a runny nose.
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