Turkeys in high demand at live markets in Brooklyn amid shortage

Getting a turkey is harder this year than in the past, prompting high demand for the product at live markets in Brooklyn.
It's been a busy week at Le Pera Brothers Live Poultry in Borough Park as Thanksgiving approaches.
"I got about 850 turkeys to sell, and it looks like we're going to sell all of them out," says Carlo Formisano, of Le Pera Brothers Live Poultry.
Moustava Sharif has been a loyal customer for nearly 20 years. He keeps coming back because the turkey is fresh.
"Beautiful, nice. It's a good place," says Sharif.
Formisano says the pandemic has brought about a shortage of smaller turkeys, saying there are about 100 fewer small turkeys in the store this year.
"A lot of people were hearing about the shortages, so they all decided let's go buy our turkeys and that's what happened," says Formisano. "That's what the problem is."
Formisano says Tuesday and Wednesday are the busiest days.
The store has been serving Brooklyn for more than 75 years.