TSA officers at LaGuardia detect ammunition concealed in chewing gum case

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers at LaGuardia Airport detected 13 bullets concealed inside a container of chewing gum along with several pieces of gum at one of the security checkpoints.
The incident happened on Jan. 14. Officials say the Miami-bound traveler’s carry-on duffle bag contained two large containers of chewing gum and upon closer examination, it was determined that one container was filled with gum and the other was mixed with gum and the ammunition.
The bullets were spotted by a TSA officer as the traveler’s belongings passed through the checkpoint X-ray machine. The man, a resident of the Bronx, told officials that the bag belonged to his son, and he claimed he did not know that the containers of gum were in the duffle bag.
TSA officers alerted Port Authority police who confiscated the bullets and cited the man.