Trip to Africa is one to remember for students in the Bronx

Bronx high school students got an incredible opportunity to learn more about the rich cultural history of Senegal.
Students traveled overseas just last month and say the trip changed them.
Natoya German and Makkedah Ramsey were among the few that spent a week in Senegal last month.
"I can finally find meaning in the word, 'black is beautiful,'" said German.
The "Black Birthright" trip is a new program that takes American high school students to African countires. It was founded in February of 2019.
Desiree Tunstall created the program. Tunstall partnered with Global Kids with a mission of helping young students find a better sense of self.
The program is open to any high school student who has a biological parent of the African diaspora.
Students said this trip impacted them in ways they did not expect.