Trenton family seeking answers for death of their 3-month-old son

A family from Trenton is seeking answers after they say their son died from injuries while in someone else's care.
The parents of 3-month-old Dominic Bowman Jr. say he died on Aug. 11 after suffering from severe brain injuries.
The Thompson-Bowman family has hired a lawyer who says the family is cooperating with police in this investigation. A Gofundme page has raised over $24,000 to help pay for funeral costs. 
News 12 reached out to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, but has not received any information as of yet.
This is the Thompson-Bowman family's full statement from their lawyer:
“Needless to say, we are all heartbroken by DJ’s tragic death. We need some time to grieve, to love, and to just hug one another while we learn to cope with the loss. At the same time, we understand the public’s interest in the story and the government’s interest, like ours, in getting to the bottom of what happened.
In that vein, we intend to assist those investigating why this happened, not to a stranger, but to our own son. We are cooperating fully with the Mercer County Prosecutor, and when the time comes, we will make ourselves available to those agencies responsible for oversight in the day care industry."