Traveling exhibit on Holocaust cattle cars comes to Ocean Township HS

Classes at Ocean Township High School got a better understanding today of what it was like for millions of people who were forced into cattle cars during the Holocaust in World War II. 
It's a traveling exhibit combining an exact replica of the train car with multimedia technology.
“Coming out of this exhibit, it was very moving, it was emotional, I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before,” says senior Sarah Elzamek.
Elzamek was born six decades after the events of the Holocaust, but she became a witness to history through the interactive mobile museum.  
“t’s important to make sure even though we are moving further away in time from these historical events, we are still learning from them and still hearing these stories and that we never forget,” says educator Evelyn Riddell, with Shadowlight.
Inside the German cattle car replica, visitors are surrounded by images on all sides as voices of Holocaust survivors play.
“The exhibit put into perspective how gruesome and terrible it really was, how real and how many people were affected,” says senior Zoe Kono.
The mobile museum was created by the Shadowlight organization to help students empathize with the survivor stories and connect with historical moments. 
The “Hate Ends Now” touring exhibit will visit Monmouth University on Tuesday.