Trash washes up on beaches of Jersey Shore town; neighbors calling for volunteer beach sweeps

Some people who live by Bay Head are worried about the amount of trash washing up on their beaches.
Late last week, a viewer sent a photo to News 12 New Jersey showing mounds of plastic trash washed on the shore.
“Last weekend, my son picked up about two construction bags worth of plastics and other types of garbage,” says Val Curran, of Bay Head. “It seems to be washing up tin cans and [we] don't know where it's coming from.”

Days of onshore winds and rough water may be to blame. With the unofficial kickoff to summer less than three weeks away, neighbors say they hope this mess is cleaned up.

“It's concerning and I said I hope they have the beaches ready by the start of the season, so it's concerning; I hope it does get fixed up,” says Rena Jacobson, of Bay Head.

Some neighbors say they take matters into their own hands by policing the public beach in front of their homes, cleaning up whatever the ocean washes on shore.

A number of people on social media posts are calling for volunteer beach sweeps.