Tracking your ballot? Here is what the state wants you to know

New Jersey could see a record turnout once all the votes are counted, but some people want to know if their ballots were accepted.
A record turnout will mean delays in counting all of the votes cast this year. In Monmouth County, more votes were cast by mail on Election Day than in all of 2016.
As the votes continue to be counted, the state opened the track my ballot website, and it says due to historically high volume, a vote may not show up in the system up to a week after dropped off at a designated collection box, or up to two weeks if sent in using regular USPS mail. 
A number of voters that spoke with News 12 leading up to the election in Monmouth and Ocean counties say their number one concern was making sure their vote counted. Each county is responsible for logging the vote. People may not also receive a confirmation if their vote was accepted or rejected until all of the votes have been counted. It also depends on what county they live.
News 12 has reached out to the Monmouth County clerk for updates on where they currently stand in the counting process. If you voted in person on Election Day, those votes won't even begin to be counted until next Tuesday. 
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