Toys R Us workers fight for severance as company shuts down

Employees who worked at various Toys R Us stores across New Jersey held a rally in Totowa Friday to call for severance pay.
The employees say that they have been fighting ever since it was announced that the Wayne-based toy chain would be liquidating its locations in the United States.
“I gave them everything to get nothing,” says Cheryl Claude, who has been working at the Woodbridge location for 33 years.
"We got thrown under the bus. The corporate employees and the CEOs, they get to take their millions of dollars of bonus pay and basically we get nothing,” says Joe Ryan, a 13-year employee.
About 33,000 Toys R Us workers will soon be out of a job. Some of New Jersey’s Democrat lawmakers attended Friday’s rally and targeted the three big firms behind the leveraged buyout.
“[Toys R Us] had so much debt that it couldn't make investments in operations and technology that were needed to adapt and compete.  And now the big guys are walking away,” says Sen. Cory Booker.
"How many employees at Bain will now worry about how they're going to pay for day care?  How many real estate investors at Vornado are struggling to pay their rent?  How many employees over at KRR don't have the cash to fill out their gas tank?” asks Sen. Bob Menendez.
Rep. Bill Pascrell says that a letter has been drafted that will be sent out by Monday to the three companies, demanding severance for the employees.
Workers says that they plan to stage a store takeover in Union on Sunday afternoon.