Tough Times: Surviving the Crisis

Looking for a job during these tough economic times?
News 12 The Bronx has tips on where to go and what to do to get your foot in the door.
Throughout the week, we'll show you what it takes to stand out above the rest.
Topics:Workin' the Room at a Job FairWhat to Wear: Men-Two-piece suit: black, charcoal, navy -Conservative colored shirt -Solid color tie-Dark shoes What to Wear: Women-Two-piece dark colored suit: stay away from pastels -Blouse with a collar: nothing low cut-Dark, closed-toe shoes - Research companies - Follow up
Interviews: Dressing the part and preparing in advance1. Learn as much as you can about employer -Research website and publications2. Prepare your own list of questions -Do not mention salary or benefits3. Practice answering standard questions out loud -Why do you want to work here? -What are your strengths and weaknesses?4. Go light on the perfume or cologne5. Pack a bag with essentials -Photo ID, name and phone number of interviewer, a few copies of your resume and cover letter, a pad of paper and a pen6. Arrive no more than 10 minutes early
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