Tired of looking for beach parking? There’s an app for that

A New Jersey college student and his friend have teamed up to help make parking at the Jersey Shore easier.
Andrew Dombrowiecki and his friend and business partner Andrew Smith created the app Beach It, which allows beachgoers to match with homeowners who will rent out their driveways for parking.
Dombrowiecki said that he came up with the idea while working as a lifeguard at the shore.
“Driving in at 8 a.m. for our 8:30 a.m. shift we were already parking way in the back,” he says. “We figured there needs to be a solution.
Parking at the shore is notoriously difficult. Some drivers say that they would rather pay for a parking ticket than drive around for a long time looking for parking.
The app should go live soon. Dombrowiecki says that he is still looking for more homeowners to sign up to share their driveways. He says that they may want to check with their town to check for any regulations that may be required.