Tips to save in the car industry. One brokerage office says you have different options

While rates may be rising, we are talking to experts in the car industry on tips to save.
A brokerage office works with multiple carriers, so you have different options. They have been in the business for years.
"With all of our different carriers we can actually take a look at OK, what's the best match for this particular client,” says Fran Wolfson-Keegan, with Wolfson-Keegan Agency. “You know we also look at territories, because different territories have different pricing as well. There's paperless savings on many, many of the carriers’ policies right now, then a lot of the carriers have done and they have been doing the commercials on TV you know the smart, the smart miles, smart ride, there's different devices that you can actually put into the cars if your car is you know compatible for the device I would recommend definitely doing that.”
Wolfson-Keegan went on to say, “The savings across the long run is definitely going to save you money. The other thing is packaging. Home and car discounts, home car umbrella discounts if some of the carriers offer home, car, commercial discounts, defensive driver. It's a one course, takes six hours, you have a three-year savings. I recommend that all the kids for the parents, get the defensive driver for them if there are also good student discounts or better usually you can get a good student discount on the policies with the kids. You don't want to be shopping insurance every six months either. You want to stay with a carrier. Carriers give you discounts for longevity with a company.”