TikTok challenge involves shooting water-based pellets out of toy guns. Here’s what police are saying

A TikTok challenge that can lead to a chargeable offense – Nutley police say they’ve been getting complaints about a toy gun that shoots gel pellets.
It's called the Orbeez Challenge. Orbeez are little gel like, water-based pellets that shoot out of toy guns. The challenge is to shoot them at unsuspecting people, even while they're driving.
Police sent out an advisory, saying in part, “Police have responded to numerous calls in which motor vehicles were struck with projectiles while driving. Although children may not know better, throwing or shooting anything at a person is a chargeable offense."
The police director and chief say the battery powered guns can shoot bullets that go 90 feet per second over 100 feet and are compared to paintball guns, which can definitely hurt. 
Other towns such as Hamilton, Westfield, and New Brunswick have also sent out advisories after seeing kids there shoot them.