Thousands remain without power 2 days after major snowstorm

Thousands of New Jersey residents remain without power two days after the first major snowstorm of the season.
Jersey Central Power & Light reports that over 10,600 customers are without power as of Wednesday night – a majority in Sussex County.
Andover Township resident Tom Skevin says that he has been using candles to light his home since the lights went out. He says that it has been very cold inside his home.
"When it's 50 degrees out in December and you're outside, it feels pretty good. But when it’s 50 degrees inside, it doesn't feel good at all,” he says.
Skevin says that he has been sitting inside his home while wearing two scarves and a coat. He has been sleeping with four blankets on his bed. He says that he has been keeping some of his food outside in a cooler since he has no electricity to power his refrigerator.
"Just to make sure no small animals get up here and start to play with it, I've got it strapped closed pretty tightly,” he says.
The American Red Cross has set up a shelter at the Sussex County Technical School in Sparta. A Red Cross spokesperson tells News 12 New Jersey that 300 hot meals were made available Wednesday night to those impacted by the power outages. The shelter will be open through the night and available to anyone seeking a warming center on Thursday.
CEO Rosie Taravella says that she hopes people will utilize the shelter.
"People have been in their homes now with the temperature dropping,” she says. "When the temperature starts to drop into the low-50s, high-40s, it's like, ‘I really need some help,’ and that's what we're here for."
According to a JCP&L spokesperson the company estimates most of its customers will have power restored by 11:30 p.m. Thursday. But they anticipate many customers will have power back sooner than that.
Information about warming centers in Sussex County can be found on the county website.
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