This popular Alexa-enabled smart light is finally back in stock and is currently on sale

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Piece by piece, many of us are trading out "dumb" devices in our home in favor of smart ones. Traditional speaker systems have been replaced by voice-controlled, Bluetooth devices, manual thermostats have been swapped with ones that can be controlled via an app, and even the humble doorbell has gotten a much-needed update, sending 24/7 video surveillance straight to your smartphone and enabling two-way communication. So, it was only a matter of time until your bedside lamp also got its own smart upgrade, too. 
The Sol Wifi Alexa Enabled Smart Light is an all-in-one, high-tech device designed by GE. This futuristic-looking light was dreamed up by Brooklyn-based designer, Richard Clarkson, whose work is inspired by the celestial world, sky, stars, and sun included. Aptly titled, Sol (or "sun" in Spanish), the smart light can illuminate your space to your liking. A warm light setting can help increase your melatonin levels before bedtime, and a vibrant light option can help energize you first thing in the morning. The light even doubles as a clock, illuminating the Sol's ring where a clock's hands would go when you want to know the time. 
And, like all Alexa-enabled devices, all it takes to operate the Sol is your own voice. Users can simply ask Alexa to turn on or off the light, as well as play music from your Alexa-enabled music library, dictate the biggest news stories of the day, or detail the weather forecast for the next 24 hours. This is an especially great addition for the places in your home, bedroom, home office, or otherwise that currently lack an Amazon Echo device. 
Since the model was released back in 2017, it has been hard to find online (it is currently sold out on major retailers like Best Buy and Amazon). Luckily, we've found spotted the device back in stock, and on sale, too. Right now, users can shop the GE C by GE Sol WiFi Alexa Enabled Smart Light for $89.99 – a 55% markdown from its standard retail price of $199. 
Prices subject to change.