The Real Deal: Which day of the week offers the best savings?

You might be feeling the pinch at every turn these days, whether it be the supermarket, energy bills or at the pump. But some items might be cheaper based on when you buy them.
Wednesday might be considered “hump day” — but it also can be the best time to stock up on food.
“Most grocery stores announce specials on Wednesdays, and they get ready for the weekend shopping that way,” says Investopedia’s Caleb Silver. “So, Wednesdays are where you're going to find the most deals.”
What about spirits? Most people grab them on the weekends, but sites like Ibotta recommend making purchases on Mondays when sales are slow, and prices drop by 9%.
Where are we seeing the increases overall, and some relief? Silver took a dive into the numbers.
“Overall, inflation is moderating somewhat, but we're still paying very high prices for key items in the state of New York,” Silver said. “Electricity prices are up almost 21% year over year. Cereals and bakery products up over 11%. And nonalcoholic beverages, things like juices, up over 10.”
“In terms of what's getting cheaper in New York, gas prices are down 4.3% year over year,” Silver continued. “That's a big deal. Education, commodities, laptops, tablet computers are down about 10.6%. And then used cars and trucks are down 13.6% year over year.”
Another way to save some money — “Buy nothing”  or “free-cycle” social media groups are becoming more popular as people give items away that they don’t need any more.
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