The Real Deal: Tips to save at the pump as gas prices reach new records

With gas prices reaching new records, News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has The Real Deal on more ways to save while filling up.
One of the most popular ways to save is right at the gas station with fuel rewards. It's popular with Shell Gas retailers, savings can range from 3-5 cents per gallon. It's free to sign up, and members can earn even more savings shopping.
Upside is a third-party app where users claim offers to help save at the pump. You have four hours to get to a specific station and fill up. The app is paired with a credit card of choice and all cash-back earnings go directly to your Upside account.
The Gasbuddy app offers not only cash savings when you fill the tank, but like Upside, when you choose certain deals, you could get more with their gas-back rewards. 
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Stores like Stop & Shop and Walmart Plus are giving their loyalty customers points per dollar while fueling up.
Membership clubs like BJ's, Costco and Sam's Club could help since they all have discounted gas, and in some cases offer even more rewards when you buy certain products.
Check your credit card or bank offers every month. If there's an offer for extra savings at participating gas stations, make sure you select it. 
Stack the savings - many offers and loyalty programs can be used together for compounding savings.
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